Meet Tidbt.

Unlike any other social platform. Simple, honest, and engaging.

A Simply Honest Feed

A fundamentally new social media feed to provide a more simple, honest, and engaging social media experience. Anonymously rate your friends' posts with one of 6 reactions. Receive honest feedback on your posts as well.

Tidbt’s use of anonymity in posting/voting is a freeing approach to expressing oneself & making meaningful connections online offering the opportunity to be honest, both in ones own expressions and in reaction to others.

Brittany S. Chicago, US

A Captivating Social Game

Join your friends on Daily Tidbt. An Engaging social game that allows you to view answers after you answer a daily question. Questions can range from "What's your spirit animal?" to "Who is your celebrity crush?". The more you play, the more you learn about your friends.

Tidbt is like a guilty pleasure but minus the guilty!

Deena M. Chicago, US

Discover Your Persona

The first social media platform that allows your friends to reveal your unique qualities. Your friends collectively and anonymously point out your best features. And you can do the same.

A versatile collection of amusing musings.

Eli C. Chicago, US

Which Persona Are You?

the Scientist.

Scientists are factual, accurate, and determined, allowing them to follow through with any goal despite distractions.

the Campaigner.

Campaigners, because of their attention to detail, understand what needs to be done and how to work with others to get it done.

the Freethinker.

Freethinkers thrive in the possibilities of their imaginations. They value verbal fluency, improvisation, and creativity.

Welcome to a reinvented social media experience.