Which Persona Are You?

the Scientist.

Scientists are factual, accurate, and determined, allowing them to follow through with any goal despite distractions.

the Campaigner.

Campaigners, because of their attention to detail, understand what needs to be done and how to work with others to get it done.

the Freethinker.

Freethinkers thrive in the possibilities of their imaginations. They value verbal fluency, improvisation, and creativity.

the Altruist.

Altruists strive for their vision of what is best for humanity. They are kind and compassionate leaders that enjoy helping others.

the Achiever.

Achievers charge ahead regardless of the obstacles in their path. They value entrepreneurial endeavors and spontaneity.

the Detective.

Detectives are exceptional at taking in and understanding information. They enjoy organization, efficiency, and problem-solving.

the Director.

Directors tend to be knowledgeable, well versed, and enjoy assuming leadership roles. They see the big picture and execute the mission.

the Dreamer.

Dreamers thrive in their imaginations, the depths of their thoughts. They uphold their values, are curious, and see potential in others.

the Engineer.

Engineers are analytical problem-solvers that are eager to improve the world with their innovative ideas, originality, and insights.

the Entertainer.

Entertainers love the spotlight and are the life of the party. They value spontaneity, flexibility, and working with others.

the Explorer.

Explorers enjoy experiencing the world and thrive when they feel a sense of freedom. They are incredibly truehearted.

the Guardian.

Guardians understand the needs of others and protect them. They are loyal, thoughtful, and highly empathic.

the Manager.

Managers get things done. They carry a beautiful blend of passion, practicality, and decisiveness that allows them to thrive.

the Mentor.

Mentors enjoy connecting with others and guiding them. They know what their values are and they are committed to them.

the Philosopher.

Philosophers have an amazing ability to blend logic with the abstract to understand ideas about the world around them.

the Visionary.

Visionaries understand concepts quickly but are easily bored by routine. They thrive most by new and challenging material.

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